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GGP Rating

It’s our tailor-made performance index that helps us assess CS:GO players using statistical analysis of in-game statistics.

What differs good CS:GO players from the bad ones?
And which one are you?

Most of us find the current solutions unclear and not describing your performance in a transparent and understandable way. That's why we have created our own, GGP Rating - a universal performance index understandable for both professional players and beginners.

Our approach uses advanced statistical methods to count ratings, taking into account several raw statistics like:

  • regular kills/deaths
  • opening kills/deaths
  • utility efficiency
  • teammates kills, etc.,

  • weighted according to a positive
    or negative influence on the game result.
    GGPredict Rating consists of six, easy to understand categories:

    which determines how players are using rifle weapons like M4A4 or AK-47.


    Skills with AWP, Scout, or auto-sniper rifles.


    Track how well you perform while using all kinds of pistol weapons.


    your mechanical game aspects that have direct impact on your precise shots e.g crosshair placement or reaction time.


    how you works with your team and how they respond to different tactics and events during a round.


    when counting utility usage, our system counts the efficiency (e.g. time flashed or damage given to an opponent), quality (timing), and if the player was able to use his utilities before being killed.

    All measured in an easy - 1 to 10 scaling system, where 6.0 is the starting point and 10 is the highest score, separately for both sides Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists.

    Offensive RatingDefensive Rating

    Playing 6 rounds on one side is obligatory to get a rating - so when you win 16-2 you won't get a CT rating if you've started on the Terrorist side.

    After all, GGP Rating is counted as the mean of both sides ratings, weighing by Your team result, so players could be rewarded for team-play and final match result instead of individual performance and playing just for frags.

    If you are curious which is your own GGP Rating just go on and connect your steam or Faceit accounts to get your very own metrics!


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