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We have combined the world's largest database with AI and ML algorithms and a massive experience in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

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At GGPredict, we want to provide every player with the kind of training and analysis that professional players in the biggest organizations in the world would like to receive. Join us and train with me..

Jakub "kuben" Gurczyński

Head Coach of Mad Lions

Track your progress in nine main game aspects.

The first step to improve is to understand the game. That's why we've divided it into nine main aspects.

Identify your weaknesses and improve them step by step in CS:GO.

Analyze your matches in 150 metrics.

We want you to train and develop like a CS:GO PRO.

That is why we analyze your game in exactly the same way as we analyze professional teams. Measuring your performance in over 150 genuine metrics.

Compare yourself to PRO’s. Check who is closest to you.

Looking for your place on the team? Do you know which position you should play on?

We compare your style of play to the best CS:GO players in the world so that you know which way to develop!

Check out those moves. On our map center!

Track your movement on the map throughout the game. See where you kill and get killed.

Analyze your position and improve it from match to match.

Describe your role

We will tell you exactly what to do to become PRO.

Shoot better

Control your sprays and flicks.

Hitboxes analysis

Position yourself so you always aim for the head.

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Be the first to try it our and help us to create a game-changing tool in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive development.

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