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About GGPredict.

We are a team of programmers, data scientists, and marketers with experience in big data... & we love playing games.

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About us

Our mission

We believe that esport games aren't just about shooting. There's tactics, movement, economics, and dozens of other details that go unnoticed – those are the crucial details to get the W.

GGPredict’s mission is to educate players and help them improve every aspect of their game

In comparison to traditional sports, analysis in esport is very limited. GGPredict is changing that.

Our team

GGPredict was founded by Przemek, Daniel and Mateusz because they couldn't find a decent tool that would help them achieve better results in CS:GO. Now we are a group of a dozen colleagues working on providing you the best virtual coach ever made.

Our values

Have you seen the the movie "Moneyball"? We believe numbers and statistics don't lie. That's why we analyzed over 100 000 professional CS:GO matches to get a full picture of everything that happens during a game, and have prepared our Machine Learning to be the smartest CS:GO coach ever.

Company info


GGPredict sp. z o.o.
Czerwonego Krzyża 2/9
00-377 Warsaw, Poland

KRS: 0000810173
NIP: 1133005669

Company location in Europe


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