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We decode and understand the source of Counter Strike: Global Offensive, extract crucial information and provide you extensive analytics of your performance along with AI-led training plans so you can become a better player.

Our PRO subscription is only 5 USD a month, but after choosing a quarterly or yearly plan it becomes even cheaper. All payments options are covered and explained in the pricing section.

GGPredict was created out of passion for esports. Currently we support CS:GO players, but more games are coming soon - expect Fortnite in upcoming months. If you are interested to know about new releases on the platform, subscribe to our newsletter.

To make use of our platform to the fullest, you should have a functional Steam/FACEIT/ESEA account with CS:GO Prime.

Our trainings are designed to suit players at all initial levels. We are here to help you progress and rank up, whatever your starting point.

Our trainings are designed to suit players at all initial levels. We are here to help you progress and rank up, whatever your starting point.

The quickest way is our Discord channel and Facebook page. Just let us know there about your problems or questions and we will be happy to help! If you're looking for other options, you can always write us an email on or use our contact form.

Yes, CS:GO players all around the world can use the platform. At the moment we have servers in Europe, US and Brazil and we are working on making the GGPredict experience optimal for our users in Asia-Pacific region.

Well, like with all kinds of training, the more time and effort you put in, the better are the results -  and consistency also helps. Our data shows, most successful players tend to do 12 trainings a week, which means 2 hours. We recommend choosing your training time slots and sticking to it regularly - even if it is one training unit a week, we guarantee you are gonna spend your time more effectively.

  1. Check your login method. If you registered with an email, you must use the same method whenever you want to log in.
  2. Every 2 weeks we have a short maintenance break, during which logging in is disabled.
  3. If you find any error code, please contact us by creating a ticket on Discord.

To open the ticket, first join our Discord. Navigate to the #ticket channel, and click “Create new ticket” button, then please choose the category of the issue you are experiencing.

To receive a reward, you need to reply with the trade link to an email, which will be sent to the winners up to 14 days after the end of the month.

If you can’t connect Steam to your GGPredict account, please check all possible scenarios:

  1. To connect Steam, you need to have a Prime account. Without Prime, you don’t have an Authentication Code and Match Token, which allows us to download your demos.
  2. Please check if your account isn’t connected to another GGPredict’s account. If yes, you will be asked to disconnect it before you connect to another account.
  3. Remember that your SteamID can be connected to a single GGPredict account at the time, meaning, that if you’ve connected your Steam account to GGPredict account created with email, you won’t be able to use Steam as a login method.

To prevent such situations, we created special functions and plugins that allow us to easily find and remove all suspected sessions from leaderboards. If we find a player that notoriously tries to break the rules of the leaderboards, he will be removed from the whole leaderboard.

Right now, we have 3 ways to pay for the PRO Status on GGPredict:

  1. Subscription model - billing monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annually from your credit/debt card. 
  2. One time payment - PRO Status for a quarter of the year, half of the year, or year. For one time payments, we offer different payment methods for each region. 
  3. Third party distributors - PRO Status for a month, quarter of the year, half of the year, or year.

Unfortunately, our platform does not support PaySafeCard.

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