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We decode and understand the source of Counter-Strike and directly from the code we extract all crucial information about the matches and players’ performance.

All the data is publicly available on streaming sites, tournaments, etc.

Yes! The very same analysis that you can see from professional matches will be available in our Virtual Coach which currently is in beta tests. If you want to join our beta - just sign up and wait for the invitation!

Right now we are working hard to provide you the best virtual coach ever seen! We are in the closed beta stage so if you want to be one of the first beta testers - let us know or sign up! The final product will be ready in Q3 2020.

Our database is free! If you want to develop and use our Virtual Coach we will be happy to help you and let you try for the first month for free! If you like, it will cost just a few bucks per month.

Of course, we do! We love esports and we want to analyze and create a Virtual Coach for all the biggest titles. This year we are planning to add Dota2!

Below you can find the buttons which will direct you to our Discord channel and Facebook page. We also run a Facebook closed group for our members! Just let us know there about your problems or questions and we will be happy to help you!If you don’t want to do that or don’t have account on those platforms, you can always write us an email on or use our contact form.

Sure it will! Let us know which language would you like to see.

We are a group of friends and esports freaks and we live and work in Warsaw, Poland.

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