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Personalized challenges

Join challenges to train different skills based on your current performance. Choose between many sets of tasks to complete to become the next CS:GO star!

Learn what makes you win, analyze all the statistics, and see misplays made by your team in each area of the map. With GGPredict analytical tool you’ll understand what more you can do to rank up.

What else will you find at GGPredict

GGPredict provides you with data and tools that make the training more efficient and help you understand the game better.


  • Latest matchesYour matches automatically uploaded to GGPredict panel
  • Match ratingEasy way to understand how you did in the game and decomposed to Terro and CT
  • Strenghts & WeaknessesUnderstanding your weaknesses and the mistakes you make is the key to conscious and effective training
  • All weaponsYour shooting performance with every gun in the game
  • Flicks analysisSee if your mouse movements work well and learn if you need to adjust your position
  • RecoilAnalyse your spray control and see if you should train some new weapons
  • 6 main aspects of the gameSee how you perform in major skills like Aim or Teamplay
  • Detailed statistics Understand what specific skills you need work on to be the best
  • Progress trackingAnalyze how you improve from training to training and across matches
  • All types of training and weaponsGet information from any training you do and with all the weapons
  • Progress trackingSee clearly how you improve with each gun as you play on our servers
  • Coolest statsThe most detailed statistics about all the relevant skills you train
  • See who’s the bestCompete with other users in the leaderboards and see who’s the best player
  • All the servers and skillsCompare yourself to others in areas that matter the most to you
  • Be better than your friendsSee how your skills are better than your friends and what you can do to beat them even more
  • Specific informationAnalyze how you compare in all the small statistics
  • Rank averagesUnderstand what you need to improve to advance to higher ranks

Train like the best.

Start training like pros and become
the new esports star!

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