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Multitude of features supporting training

Be one step ahead of other players and start training today. Setup your free trial and see how fast you can progress with GGPredict.

Personalized training plans New

Get a training plan that suits your team role, strengths and weaknesses, and play style. Every day you’ll get a new set of tasks to complete to become the next CS:GO star!

What else you will get as a Pro

GGPredict provides you with data and tools that make the training more efficient and help you understand the game better.


  • Latest matchesYour matches automatically uploaded to GGPredict panel
  • Match ratingEasy way to understand how you did in the game and decomposed to Terro and CT
  • Strenghts & WeaknessesUnderstanding your weaknesses and the mistakes you make is the key to conscious and effective training
  • All weaponsYour shooting performance with every gun in the game
  • Flicks analysisSee if your mouse movements work well and learn if you need to adjust your position
  • RecoilAnalyse your spray control and see if you should train some new weapons
  • 6 main aspects of the gameSee how you perform in major skills like Aim or Teamplay
  • Detailed statistics Understand what specific skills you need work on to be the best
  • Progress trackingAnalyze how you improve from training to training and across matches
  • All types of training and weaponsGet information from any training you do and with all the weapons
  • Progress trackingSee clearly how you improve with each gun as you play on our servers
  • Coolest statsThe most detailed statistics about all the relevant skills you train
  • See who’s the bestCompete with other users in the leaderboards and see who’s the best player
  • Win prizesEvery month the best players get rewarded with valuable skins
  • All the servers and skillsCompare yourself to others in areas that matter the most to you
  • Be better than your friendsSee how your skills are better than your friends and what you can do to beat them even more
  • Specific informationAnalyze how you compare in all the small statistics
  • Rank averagesUnderstand what you need to improve to advance to higher ranks

Frequently asked questions

How does GGPredict work?

GGPredict began by analyzing CS:GO matches. Both the amateur and professional ones. Nearly a million matches later, we know the game inside out and know what to do to get better and win. Our statistical models and AI that we've built analyze the game in about 400 different statistics.
Meanwhile, the world's best players, coaches, analysts, and sports psychologists have worked with us to create the most effective training system that uses the data we collect about your game to tailor the best workouts and get the most out of your potential.

We collect data about your CS:GO matches so we can best help you train. We do not collect any personal or sensitive information. We use a standard, secure API issued by Steam and other matchmaking platforms.

Merging your Faceit and Esportal accounts is relatively easy - simply by clicking on their icon you will be sent to their page where you will be asked if you agree to merge your accounts. With Steam it is similar - there you will also need to provide us with your Match Token. Don't worry, we'll send you directly to the page where it's available! That's why it's important to us that you register via Steam - that way you don't have to enter your authentication code! Almost forgot - you can also upload your own demos manually on GGPredict if you play on e.g. private servers.

You can find all the payment details on the Pricing tab.
We offer monthly and annual subscriptions. We want you to make an informed decision about training and payment, so our trial is completely free, and you will only enter your card details once the trial is over. We'll always remind you of an upcoming payment before the trial ends - so you can cancel whenever you want without worrying about us charging your account.

Train like the best.

Start training like pros and become
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