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NA IEM New York final analyzed!

NA IEM New York final analyzed!

23.10.2020, 13:18

We have analyzed last weekend's match between Furia and 100Thieves.

Brazilian team shown their strongness and won in 3 to 1.

Stats explanation:

Total sniper kills - Sum of kills using sniper rifles (AWP, Scar-20, SSG 08, G3SG1);

AWP Rounds with kill - Sum of rounds, when a player had an AWP and killed an opponent;

Opening deaths - Sum of first deaths in the round (the less is better);

Opening kills - Sum of first kills in the round (the more the better);

First contact - Average time that the player has seen an opponent for the first time in the round;

Opponents hurt per round - Average of opponents hurt during the round;

Trade kills - sum of trade kills during the match;

Glock headshots - sum of headshots with Glock-18 during the match (not kills);

Dmg per round - average of damage that the player made during the round;

Deagle Kills - Sum of kills with Desert Eagle;

First Damage - Sum of first damage in the round;

Opponents flashed - Sum of opponents that have been flashed by the player during the match;

Defuse kit buys - Sum of defuse kit buys by the players;

Teammates flashed on Nuke - Sum of teammates flashed on the first map of the final - Nuke (the less, the better);

Dmg Sources  - Sum of damage sources during the match (f.e. if a player will receive a damage from 5 enemies during the round, there will be 5 damage sources);

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