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How to improve Trust Factor

How to improve Trust Factor

08.11.2020, 18:1

You've probably come here because of your low trust factor. Today, you will gain knowledge on how to increase it or slightly improve it. These are confirmed or tested methods.


  1. You need to play not only a lot of competitive matches and wingman. Be nice and don't get reports.
  2. Give your teammates or friends a recommendation, it will also increase your trust factor.
  3. Do 2-4 overwatch demos a day.
  4. Spend some money in-game.
  5. Do not kick without sense and do not leave the match or do any damage to teammates, it greatly reduces the trust factor.
  6. MOST IMPORTANT - do not use cheats!


  1. Steam comments under your profile improve the trust factor. When you give a comment, your trust factor also increases.
  2. Add screenshots or artworks to your profile.
  3. Give likes and comments on the activity of your friends.
  4. Get Steam Level, preferably a minimum of 10 or 20.
  5. Make a guide or review and get likes and comments.
  6. Buy games from VALVE (type cs 1.6, CZ, S, HL etc.).
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