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ESL Pro League Play-Offs analyzed!

16.04.2021, 7:29

Heroic's success in the EPL came after a great across-the-board performance from cadiaN, who was the most efficient AWPer in the whole tournament, but also led his team in damage dealt and entry K/D. The runner-ups, Gambit were carried more evenly by multiple members of their team, with Ax1Le topping the ADR and kills chart, Hobbit being among the best entry fraggers, and sh1ro taking the most sniper duties among all players in the event.

On the other side of the scoreboards, we can see a disappointing playoff performance by Astralis being reflected in data, having the lowest ADR on their main rifler - Magisk and very poor entry success with 40% on Xyp9x being the best result in the team.

Was it just a bad day for Astralis or we are seeing an era of one of the greatest teams in history coming to the end?

Bartosz Słodownik
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