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ESL Polish Championship Final analyzed!

ESL Polish Championship Final analyzed!

23.11.2020, 16:39

ESL Polish Championship has always been the most important tournament of the season for polish players.

This year, due to the pandemic, ESL Polish Championship had to be played online. This environment was favoring Wisła All in Games Kraków (placed 1st in Betway Nine to Five 5 and advanced to the playoffs of ESEA MDL Season 35 Europe), but after a great game, Illuminar became champions!

Stats explanation:

Traded Deaths - Sum of deaths leading to trade kill;

Death Trade Percentage - Percentage of deaths that were traded;

Multiple Kills Rounds - Sum of rounds with multiple kills;

Clutch 1vs3 won - Sum of won clutches 1 versus 3 opponents;

He Grenade Kills - Sum of kills with high explosive grenade;

Grenades Thrown - Sum of grenades thrown in a match;

Opening Kills - Sum of first kills in the round (the more the better);

Total Time Opponents Spent Flashed - Sum of time that opponents spent flashed;

Desert Eagle Kills - Sum of kills with Desert Eagle;

Total Sniper Kills - Sum of kills using sniper rifles (AWP, Scar-20, SSG 08, G3SG1);

Glock Kills - Sum of kills with Glock-18;

Kevlar Vest buys - Sum of Kevlar Vest buys by the players;

Opening Deaths -  Sum of first deaths in the round (the less is better);

First Damage - Sum of first damage in the round;

USP-S Kills - Sum of kills with USP-Silencer;

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