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Betway Nine to Five season 5 analyzed!

Betway Nine to Five season 5 analyzed!

06.11.2020, 15:26

What a comeback from Wisła All in Games Kraków!

After losing 16:6 on the first map versus MAD Lions in the final of Betway #NinetoFive season 5, they still managed to win!

Stats explanation:

Total Distance - Sum of distance covered by the player during the rounds;

Total Time Opponents Spent Flashed - Sum of time that opponents spent flashed;

1vs1 clutches won - Sum of won clutches 1 versus 1 opponents;

First Contact - Average time that the player has seen an opponent for the first time in the round;

Dmg Sources - Sum of damage sources during the match (f.e. if a player will receive a damage from 5 enemies during the round, there will be 5 damage sources);

M4A1 Kills - Sum of M4A1 kills;

Flashed Teammates - Sum of teammates flashed (the less, the better);

Total Kills Flashed - Sum of kills when an enemy was flashed;

Kevlar Vest Buys - Sum of Kevlar Vest buys by the players;

Traded Deaths - Sum of deaths leading to trade kill;

Famas Kills - Sum of famas kills;

Smoke grenade Thrown - Sum of smoke grenade thrown;

Pistols kills - Sum of kills from all pistols;

Got Flashed - Sum of flashes that flashed the player;

He grenade kills - Sum of kills with high explosive grenade;

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