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Best CS:GO launch options 2022

Best CS:GO launch options 2022

14.04.2022, 15:29

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has additional settings beyond the well-known options found in the game's menu. The CS:GO Launch Options, as they're called, can help you force you to use special settings. What are they for, how do you enable them, and what are the best launch options? Here's a complete and up-to-date guide on the best CS:GO launch options!

How to set the launch options in Counter Strike Global Offensive?

Entering launch commands into CS:GO is very simple. Launch options are selected through your Steam Library by going to the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive properties. Below is a detailed guide to help you find them:

  1. Open Steam.
  2. Go to the Library.
  3. In the list on the left, find CS:GO and hover over that game.
  4. Right-click on CS:GO and select Properties.
  5. You can find the Launch Options under the General tab.


When entering commands into the CS:GO Launch Options, there are a few simple rules to follow. Each command starts with a - or + sign, and you must include those signs when typing them in. Consecutive commands must be separated by spaces, and you cannot use commas, because then the commands will not work properly. The prohibited characters are also quotation marks and brackets.

Launch options CS:GO. Command list and how they work

Now that you know where to enter the CS:GO launch options, let's move on to explaining what commands are available and what they do. The full list is quite extensive, but some are confusing and others may have a negative impact on your Trust Factor. For this reason, we only list the proven and useful ones below.

-autoconfig - a command that forces config file to be restored to its original, default state.
-console - a command to open the console immediately after starting CS:GO.
+exec .cfg - a command to tell Counter-Strike: Global Offensive what config file to load when launching the game. The should be replaced with the name of the file (for example: +exec autoexec.cfg if the file is named autoexec.cfg). Note that this command only loads the file with the specified name located in a folder with the path: Steam\SteamApps\common\Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.
-fps_max 0 - a command that removes the default lock on the maximum number of FPS in the game. Without this command, the FPS number in CS:GO may be significantly lower than what is possible on the computer you are playing on.
-full (or -fullscreen) - this command forces the game to open in full screen mode.
-height 1080 (or -h 1080) - this command allows you to set the height of the game window to 1080 pixels. The 1080 value can be replaced with another, for example 720 (then -height 720 or -h 720).
-language polish is a command that forces you to change the CS:GO language to Polish. You can also use the -language english command (and others using the same pattern) to change the language to English.
+mat_queue_mode 2 is a command that forces CSGO to use all available processor cores to run. On older and weaker computers it may increase FPS during the game.
-noborder - a command that forces the game border to be disabled when starting CS:GO in a window.
-nocrashdialog - a command to disable the display of error information in the console.
-nod3d9ex1 - a command that forces Direct 3D 9Ex to be disabled. On older and weaker computers it may give you a FPS boost. However, it's worth checking how it affects CS:GO performance on your PC.
-nojoy - a command that disables joystick support in CS:GO. This will reduce the amount of RAM used by the computer.
-novid - a command that disables the opening video when CS:GO starts. This will make the game start up faster.
+r_drawparticles 0 - this command will disable the display of particles while playing CS:GO. Using this may or may not improve your FPS.
-refresh 120 (or -freq 120) - a command that allows you to change the monitor refresh rate settings. It is necessary to use this option when playing on a monitor with a refresh rate higher than 60 Hz. 120 is the value to select with a 120 Hz monitor. For a 144Hz, 165Hz, 240Hz, or 360Hz monitor, replace the number 120 in -refresh 120 or -freq 120 with the corresponding value (e.g., -refresh 144 or -freq 240).
-tickrate 128 - a command that forces the tick rate value to be 128 when playing on the offline server. The default value is 64, and by setting a higher tick rate you can achieve a smoother CS:GO experience.
-width 1920 (or -w 1920) - this command allows you to set the width of the game window to 1920 pixels. The 1920 value can be replaced with another, for example 1280 (in which case -width 1280 or -w 1280).
-window (or -windowed, -startwindowed, -sw) - a command that will force opening CS:GO in a window.

The best CS:GO launch options

We've already covered most of the useful and still working CS:GO launch options. Now it's time to create our recommended set of commands that you can easily copy and paste into your CS:GO settings in your Steam Library.

Our recommended Counter-Strike: Global Offensive startup command set starts with -novid, a feature that blocks the annoying video trailer from appearing at the game' startup. This will help you get to the main menu faster. Next we add +fps_max 0, which is a command unleashing the full power of your PC. This will remove the default maximum FPS lock in CS:GO and give as a FPS boost. The -nojoy command will save us some memory, while disabling joystick support, which can be used in a better way. On the other hand, -tickrate 128 will improve game play on servers that have a tick rate of 128.


Copy and paste these CS:GO launch options into the space provided above:

-novid +fps_max 0 -nojoy -tickrate 128

We recommend the above four commands. They will cause defined effects and won't mess up your CS:GO gameplay. You can add more commands to it, but be careful not to overdo it.

Launch options are for advanced users, as they can have unexpected or unwanted effects, such as lowered FPS or worse Trust Factor. Before using particular commands it is also worth checking if Valve hasn't blocked them or changed their functioning in the meantime.

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