Your Personal CS:GO Virtual Coach

Check your stats with detailed graphs and analyses and find out what you can improve! Our AI CS:GO coach will boost your performance using the largest CS:GO database and let you go from noob to pro in no time!


We have created the largest CS:GO database ever - with live scores, recorded matches, and team statistics.


With our Machine Learning and AI, we have developed over 50 unique metrics that will help analyze and improve your game.


We don’t just analyze. We compare your performance to the PROs, we find your weaker areas and give you precise tips on what & how you should improve.


Keep track of your progress in the next games and compare yourself with players in our rankings. See who’s on fire and learn from their tactics.

Your Performance Analysis

GGPredict holds the best database on how teams play. Fully understand your and your opponents’ strengths and weaknesses using our data visualization.


Not sure if you should go eco or full? Which gun will be the most efficient in each round? All your purchases will be analyzed after the game.

Advanced Map Analysis

You thought that Banana was your spot? Check out our post-match heatmap and see which spots are crucial to win.


We play because we want to win and be the best. Compare and compete with the rest of the players. Climb the rankings and get noticed by professional teams!

Scouting Grounds

Did you dream about becoming PRO but didn’t know where to start? We can help you with that. Work hard, play hard, and get noticed by a PRO team.

AI-driven team finder

With the biggest and most precise database of CS:GO players we can help your team find the perfect match.

Role recommendations

We've noticed that you love buying the AWP but have you ever considered becoming the play maker? Compare your play style to the best PROs and find your perfect team role.

Improve faster & smarter, know the game.

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