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ZywOo vs s1mple - Head2Head

ZywOo vs s1mple - Head2Head

25.11.2020, 15:59

During the analysis of the final of IEM Beijing-Haidian we have found, that performance of s1mple was very impressive!

We decided to compare two key players of both teams, s1mple from NaVi and ZywOo from Team Vitality.

As you can see, in most statistics the Ukrainian player was much better! He proved, that he is one of the best AWP player right now. With his 118 frags and only 70 deaths, he had the best KD ratio on the server. With an 8.1 GGP Rating, he was leading his team. But even though, his team lost.

ZywOo and the whole Team Vitality showed us, that when a star player is struggling, there is always another player that can step up! This time it was Nivera, which showed up for the first time on the second map and received a 7.9 Rating (2nd best on the map, the best in the team). With such Nivera performance, ZywOo made more team-play plays and helped the team in winning the whole game.

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