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Which team has the biggest chances of advancing from the Play-In stage of IEM Cologne 2021? Our AI model has simulated the tournament over 100,000 times to find out!

05.07.2021, 17:32

IEM Cologne will be the first offline tournament since IEM Katowice 2020, which was played in March 2020. During this event, Na’Vi showed no mercy for G2 Esport, winning the final match 3:0.

After more than 16 months, we are now back on lan, with 16 teams fighting for 8 slots in the final tournament. We decided to use our AI model to find out who has the biggest chances of advancing. We have simulated the tournament over 100,000 times to have the most accurate data possible.

According to our simulations, Mousesports, NiP, OG, Vitality, and Complexity are almost certain to progress to the tournament’s next phase.

In our opinion, there will be three teams fighting for the final, eighth, spot - EG, FaZe Clan, and Renegades. EG should emerge victorious from this fight and advance as the last team for the main event of IEM Cologne 2021.

Bartosz Słodownik
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