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Where and how to scout for talented CS:GO players? Here are three great ways

Where and how to scout for talented CS:GO players? Here are three great ways

10.04.2023, 11:0

In the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive it is increasingly noticeable that teams are looking for young players. This trend is due to the generational change that is currently taking place. The situation in the CS:GO world and the ease with which it is possible to find teenage, promising players also contributes to this. So where and how do you scout for CS:GO players who are likely to become world-class stars in the future?

The power of the FPL

The FACEIT Pro League is one of the best places to look for talented CS:GO players. Participating players are automatically matched into teams and compete for the highest possible individual rankings. By accumulating ranking points, they can advance to a higher division. Each player's goal is to get into the top, elite group, in which players from top teams from around the world also compete.

If a player performs successfully in the FPL against titled and experienced players such as s1mple, XANTARES or dycha, it can be assumed that the same will be true in official matches. By following the FACEIT Pro League rankings and watching its matches, it is relatively easy to find talented CS:GO players.

Take a look at the statistics

In traditional sports, statistics have already played a very important role in the process of finding talented athletes for many years. In esports, on the other hand, it is a trend that is only just developing. However, it is possible that the importance of this aspect will increase significantly in the next few years.

There is already general access to a very extensive database of CS:GO player statistics. Just take a look at, where a multitude of players from all over the world are tracked. Typing a selected nickname into the search engine can give a whole new perspective on a person.

A lot of data is also collected and made available by ESEA, a platform where both amateur and professional matches are played. GGPredict also collects player statistics and analyses them, while also suggesting which elements to pay attention to during training sessions.

Keep an eye out for local tournaments

The global nature of esports is a great opportunity for players. It is easier to get noticed and make a name for yourself on the international stage than, for example, in football. However, local tournaments still play an important role in the development of CS:GO players.

Young players often start their careers in local, national tournaments. Taking part in an online open qualifier for major tournaments, offline school competitions or under-age challenges can be a great way to get noticed. Scouts should keep a close eye on such initiatives. You never know if another ZywOo, frozen or broky, for example, might take his first steps in such tournaments.

Targeting young CS:GO players is a risky move. These players are usually inexperienced, so it is difficult to predict how they will perform in important matches and lan tournaments. On the other hand, they can turn out to be a fantastic investment that can more than pay for itself within just a few months.

When attracting promising teenagers to your team, it is worth conducting a detailed analysis of such a candidate. It is important to take into account the CS:GO aspects, as well as the person's character and environment.

Damian Bustrycki
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