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What are your chances of winning at the clutch?

What are your chances of winning at the clutch?

21.04.2021, 9:59

Inspired by cadiaN's recent clutches against Gambit, we started looking at how the chances of successfully completing a round on each tournament map break down.

To do so, we analyzed over 200,000 rounds in professional matches over the last two years.

As you can see, they distribute differently on each map - clearly decreasing if a player was left alone against three opponents.

Additionally, we asked kuben, coach of Mad Lions to comment from the perspective of one of the best coaches in the world.

Looking at the charts made by GGPredict we have a perfect picture of what your chances of winning in a clutch situation on all the maps actually look like.
Winning a 1v2 clutch as T side on maps where the BombSites are far from each other gives us a chance to win a few precious seconds that the opponent needs to run towards the BS on which we have just planted the bomb. Thanks to this, we can also effectively play 'by sound' and control the course of the 'post plant' situation after eliminating the first opponent.
A perfect example is de_inferno. It takes about 15 seconds to travel from  A to B site. However, on de_train it takes a maximum of 5-7 seconds - hence our chances of winning 1v2 as Terrorists decrease and amount to less than 20%.
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