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What are the best nations in CS:GO?

What are the best nations in CS:GO?

20.01.2021, 19:52

What are the best nations in CS:GO?

Russians? Brazilians?

We took a look at the players from the top 30 teams in the GGPredict's CS:GO rankings, (with 6-man rosters included), and divided them per 1 million citizens. Surprising? Absolutely not - Denmark has the highest number of pro players per 1 million citizens. It's a result of a continuous and thoughtful education system and a happy society that, on the one hand, supports the development of young people's passions by providing them with the means and freedom to pursue their passion. It is also a society in which it is normal to take a break from school or work and try one's luck in another field so that many players do not have to stake everything on one card. Denmark is also a country that is extremely computerized even by European standards, with over 90% of homes having internet access.

How would you choose the best nations in CS:GO?

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