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26 days ago

Esports career in CS:GO. Where and how to get started?

Young Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players who are just starting to build their esports career often have trouble choosing the right path. To be fair, there is not just one, strictly defined way to succeed on the esports scene. However, there are some points that are worth paying attention to, after all, they can strongly influence the development of a CS:GO player's career. Esports shares many characteristics with traditional sports. One of them is the constant need to find and train new

5 months ago

CS:GO mouse wheel scroll jump bind

CS:GO mouse wheel scroll jumpThe default key for jumping in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the space key. However, players often look for other solutions and settings that allow them to play even more comfortably. One popular solution in CS:GO is the wheel jump bind, or mouse wheel jump bind. What is this bind, and how can you use it? [] Yes, you can use mouse wheel to jump Wheel jump is

7 months ago

CSGO demo: all you need to know & useful commads

CSGO demo guideA great feature of CS:GO is the ability to watch replays of matches, known as demos. Among other things, demos can be used to watch other teams play, replay matches, analyze your own play, and analyze the play of others to prepare for a match. However, CSGO demos are not the easiest or most intuitive thing to control. That's why we've created this tutorial to help you learn how to watch CS:GO match replay files. [

7 months ago

PGL Major 2022 Day 1 Top 3 Players

The first day of the PGL Antwerp Challengers Stage is already behind us. There were plenty of surprises this time too! The biggest positive surprise seems to be the outstanding performance of Vitality, who easily defeated IHC and Astralis. The Danish team was one of the most "reliable" teams in the previous stage. A worse scenario is experienced by all those who have been cheering for the American CS esport. Liquid and Complexity have been both outclassed. It's hard to say anything more about t

7 months ago

Pick'Em Challenge helper. Who will advance from the Challenger Stage of PGL Major Antwerp 2022?

At GGPredict we have built a system for pairwise team comparison, which gives us probabilities of a win between any two teams in professional CS:GO. It is a simple system, not accounting for maps being played or whether the match is taking place on LAN or online. It looks at team players' statistics and their recent performance taking into account opponents' strength and tournament level. We assign different weights to all the factors in the model and optimize it to achieve the best predictive r

7 months ago

Season 1 ladder finished! New month - new prizes!

On March 30 we announced the first prize ladder, where the prize pool was almost $300. All you had to do to win Gut Knife Fade was to play on our DeathMatch servers. In the first season of leaderboards, 2503 players competed for the awards, but the player who spent the most time on our servers was “YRPARP []”. This player spent 63 hours 39 min 35 sec on DeathMatch training, thanks to which he got Gut Knife Fade in Factory New state into his inventory. In second

7 months ago

CS:GO config: location, autoexec and more

All you need to know about the CS:GO configThere are two ways to use custom Counter Strike Global Offensive configurations and various types of commands. The first is the traditional, faster, and most popular way of entering them into the console. The second method for using custom settings is, using the CS:GO config, which is a bit more complex but also more permanent. Let's learn more about config in Counter-Strike and how to manage it. [

7 months ago

How to jump throw in CSGO. All you need to know about the jump throw bind

CS:GO jump throw bindThrowing the perfect smoke grenade in CSGO isn't easy. Picking the right spot and aiming at the right target isn't everything you need to do to gain the advantage you want. It is also very important to synchronize the moment you throw the grenade with your jump. Doing it yourself does not guarantee one hundred percent repeatability, which is why the jump throw bind may come in handy. The jump throw bind is a special set of commands that you should put into your config [https

8 months ago

Anonymo during RMR EU - Analysis

The dust is slowly settling after the PGL Antwerp 2022 Major Qualifiers that took place on April 17-24 (although we can safely say that the first stages of online qualifiers were held from February 22). Finally, we can confidently announce which teams made it to this prestigious event! PGL Antwerp 2022 Qualified TeamsThe only Polish accent we will get will be "hades" (Olek Miskiewicz) and "dycha" (Paweł Dycha) on the ENCE team. How did Anonymo do? It's impossible not to notice that we connec

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