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The best Sv_cheats commands in CS:GO

The best Sv_cheats commands in CS:GO

16.09.2020, 8:54

Have you ever wondered what it feels like using cheats and hacks in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive? With the built-in sv_cheats commands, you can experience wallhack, no recoil, and god mode for yourself! We have created a list of commands CS GO that can be used to make the game even more fun! Use this list and it will help you set the best comments for SV_cheats!

CSGO SV_Cheats (graphic by TheGlobalGaming)

Because this is built-in functionality in CS:GO, you will NOT get banned for using sv_cheats commands. The CS:GO allows you to use them so at the start of the game you can just use those console commands.

To enable cheats you need to be the server administrator. If you are the admin, open the developer console and type:

sv_cheats 1

To disable all cheats, open the console and type. It turns off the cheats:

sv_cheats 0

Pretty easy, right? But these commands are just the beginning.


“God” - This command is the Godmode. You won't take any damage at all in the game.

“sv_infinite_ammo 1” - This command gives you infinite ammo.

0: no infinite ammo

1: infinite ammo with no relead

2: infinite ammo with reload

“Noclip” - Use this command to fly and pass through any object.

“r_drawothermodels 2” - You are able to see other players through walls (wireframe wallhack). It can be useful if you want to be able to shoot as many players as you can.

Can be set to set to 0, 1, or 2. The default is 1.

“mat_wireframe 2” - Render models and probs as a wireframe. Works a bit like r_drawothermodels 2. You are able to see other players through walls (wireframe wallhack).

Can be set to set to 0, 1, 2, 3, or 4. The default is 0.

“enable_skeleton_draw 1” - Render the models' skeletons without the rest of the textures. You are able to see other players' skeletons through walls. Can be set to set to 0 or 1. The default is 0.

“mat_fullbright 3" - Render walls and models white.

Can be set to 0, 1, 2, or 3. The default is 0.

“mat_fillrate 1" - No flash (Asus wallhack).

Can be set to 0 or 1. The default is 0.

“r_drawparticles 0" - No smoke.

Can be set to 0 or 1. The number of the default is 1.

“fog_override 1" - No fog.

Can be set to 0 or 1. Default 0.

You can also type “fogui” to open fog UI.

“thirdperson" - sets the Thirdperson mode. You will see yourself for the position of a spectator.

“firstperson" - Firstperson mode (default).

snd_show 1 + snd_visualize 1" - “Sound ESP”. Shows a lot of info about the sounds. Default 0.

“cl_leveloverview 2" - Level overview (kind of buggy).

Can be set to 0, 1, or 2. Default 0.

“host_timescale X" - Speedhack. Replace “X” with value.

Default = 0.

Speedhack: 5

Slow-motion: 0.5

“host_framerate X" - Type it on the console. Speedhack. Replace “X” with value.

Default = 0.

Speedhack: 50

Slowmotion: 500

“cl_pitchup 900" - The command that Unlock max up sight.

Default = 89.

“cl_pitchdown 900" - Unlock max down sight.

Default = 89.

“r_showenvcubemap 1" - Chrome models.

Default = 0.

“mat_showlowresimage 1" - Extra low resolution. Default = 0.

“mat_proxy 2" - Strange kind of wallhack. Default = 0.

“sv_consistency 0" - Whether the server enforces file consistency for critical files.

“sv_showimpacts 1" - Impact marker. Default 0.

Other sv_cheats commands

“perfui" - Level performance tool.

“cl_particles_show_bbox 1" - Grenade/particle “ESP”

“mat_luxels 1" - Luxels (squares on walls).

“r_drawmodelstatsoverlay 1" - Default 0.

“r_visualizetraces 1" - Tracers. Default 0.

“r_drawlights 1" - Default value  will be 0.

“r_drawrenderboxes 1" - Draw boxes around player models. Default = 0.

“vgui_drawtree 1" - VGUI Hierarchy

“mp_drop_knife_enable 1” - Enables you to drop a knife

Give commands

Primary weapons

"give weapon_ak47” - Gives you an AK-47. Even if you are counter-terrorists!

"give wepon_m4a1" - Gives you an M4A1.

"give weapon_m4a1_silencer" - Gives you an M4A1-S.

"give weapon_awp" - Gives you an AWP

"give weapon_aug" - Gives you an AUG.

"give weapon_famas" - Gives you a FAMAS.

"give weapon_galilar" - Gives you a Galil AR.

"give weapon_negev" - Gives you a Negev.

"give weapon_gs3sg1" - Gives you a G3SG1 auto-sniper.

"give weapon_scar20" - Gives you a SCAR-20 auto-sniper.

"give weapon_sg556" - Gives you an SG556.

"give weapon_m249" - Gives you an M249.

"give weapon_bizon" - Gives you a PP-Bizon.

"give weapon_mac10" - Gives you a MAC10.

"give weapon_mag7" - Gives you a Mag-7.

"give weapon_mp7" - Gives you an MP7.

"give weapon_mp9" - Gives you an MP9.

"give weapon_nova" - Gives you a Nova.

"give weapon_ssg08" - Gives you an SSG08.

"give weapon_xm1014" - Gives you an XM1014 auto-shotgun.

"give weapon_ump45" - Gives you a UMP-45.

"give weapon_p90" - Gives you a P90.

"give weapon_sawedoff" - Gives you a sawed-off shotgun.

Secondary weapons

"give weapon_deagle" - Gives you a Desert Eagle.

"give weapon_fiveseven" - Gives you a Five-Seven.

"give weapon_tec9" - Gives you a Tec-9.

"give weapon_elite" - Gives you Dual Berettas.

"give weapon_glock" - Gives you a Glock-18.

"give weapon_hkp2000" - Gives you a P2000.

"give weapon_usp_silencer" - Gives you a UPS-S.

"give weapon_p250" - Gives you a P250.

"give weapon_cz75a" - Gives you a CZ75-Auto.

"give weapon_revolver" - Gives you a revolver.

Gear + Grenades + Misc

“impulse 101" - Gives you money.

"give weapon_c4" - Gives you a C4 explosive.

"give weapon_knife" - Gives you a knife.

"give weapon_knifegg" - Gives you a golden knife.

"give item_assaultsuit" - Gives you kevlar + helmet.

"give item_kevlar" - Gives you kevlar.

"give weapon_hegrenade" - Gives you a HE Grenade.

"give weapon_flashbang" - Gives you a flashbang.

"give weapon_smokegrenade" - Gives you a smoke grenade.

"give weapon_molotov" - Gives you a Molotov.

"give weapon_incgrenade" - Gives you an incendiary grenade.

"give weapon_taser" - Gives you a Zeus x27 taser.

"give weapon_knife_karambit" - Gives you a karambit.

"give weapon_knife_flip" - Gives you a flip knife.

"give weapon_knife_m9_bayonet" - Gives you an M9 bayonet.

"give weapon_knife_gut" - Gives you a gut knife.

Gut knife

Each cs:go console commands in-game will change the game so take out most of them and just enjoy! How many of them you can use? It's absolutely up to you. The 1 you can use which is really fun if you're curious - is the one about wallhacks. The rest of the commands is also fun and for sure they will change  your cs:go matches on the server.

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