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Season 1 ladder finished! New month - new prizes!

Season 1 ladder finished! New month - new prizes!

04.05.2022, 19:49

On March 30 we announced the first prize ladder, where the prize pool was almost $300. All you had to do to win Gut Knife Fade was to play on our DeathMatch servers.

In the first season of leaderboards, 2503 players competed for the awards, but the player who spent the most time on our servers was “YRPARP”. This player spent 63 hours 39 min 35 sec on DeathMatch training, thanks to which he got Gut Knife Fade in Factory New state into his inventory.

In second place was "amateris", who spent 51 hours 31 min 45 sec on our DeatMatch servers, and in third place - "$PG$" with 39 hours 43 min 26 sec on his account.

With the beginning of May, another leaderboard season has started, in which the prize pool is increased to $340, and the prize for the first place is a Gut Knife (★) | Lore in the state of Minimal Wear.

This season the rules are the same as in season one:

  1. The competition consists of the longest training on DeathMatch GGPredict servers in the period from 00:00 CET 1.05.2022 to 23:59 CET 31.05.2022.
  2. It is forbidden to remain AFK.
  3. All prizes will be shipped within 14 business days after the contest ends via Steam exchange.
  4. Prizes this season are: 1st place - Gut Knife (★) | Lore Minimal Wear; 2nd place - M4A1-S | Gold scroll Minimal Wear; 3rd place - AK-47 | Anubis Legion Factory New
  5. It is not possible to exchange the prizes or to pay the cash equivalent of the prize.
  6. The Organizer has the right to change the provisions of these Regulations, provided that it does not affect the conditions of participation in the Contest.


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