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Product Update: Stats from our Training Units

Product Update: Stats from our Training Units

14.10.2021, 12:40

We are constantly improving our Personalized Training Plans. A milestone in this process is the functionality that has been sorely lacking and that you can now enjoy while training with us. From now on your every training session will be automatically counted and you will get a summary of your statistics, so we can better track and support your development.

What's the point of training if you're not able to track your performance and progress during the session itself, but also over longer periods of time? Well, the solutions we implement come from our own pain points and this is one of them.

In our opinion this is a real game changer when it comes to training. Now you can easily check your progress between training sessions. If it took me 5 minutes to get 300 frags on the Aim map last week, and only 4 today - I can say with a high degree of certainty that I've made progress, and at the same time it's a great motivation to take another 30 seconds off that score next week! - Przemek Siemaszko, our CEO.

What kind of statistics will you find?

  • Training time
  • Kills
  • Assists
  • Deaths
  • Headshot ratio

In addition, the training will now be credited automatically - when the time goal is reached, the training will be marked as passed without any unnecessary clicking.


Another improvement is the possibility to stop the training and to continue it later. You can break your training and if you have to play for 20 minutes, you can leave the server after a few minutes and come back without any loss of progress.

We also want to go ahead and further develop these features, so in the next update you will find among other things:

  • Stats from all our servers
  • Score comparison in DMs
  • A view of your progress on our public servers

We know that this is a major change, so if you have already used your free trial and you would like to give us a second chance - feel free to write to us on our Discord or just respond to this email - you will receive another free trial period to try out our trainings.


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