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Pro Players CFG

Pro Players CFG

18.01.2021, 19:47

A good configuration file can make you better. For example, you can bind all nades, so you will choose them quicker than randomly pressing the grenade button. You can also create buying scripts, so you won’t make mistakes, because you will miss clicking in the hurry. What’s more, a good configuration file can increase your FPS and make the game more smooth.

You can read about finding the cfg file here.

Here you can download some Pro-Players CFG:

S1mple (Na’Vi): Download S1mple’s CFG

NiKo (G2): Download NiKo’s CFG

ZywOo (Vitality): Download ZywOo’s CFG

Boombl4 (Na’Vi): Download Boombl4’s CFG

pashaBiceps (Liquid): Download pashaBiceps’s CFG

device (Astralis): Download device’s CFG

Xantares (BIG): Download Xantares’s CFG

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