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Practice grenades on Anubis with GGPredict

Practice grenades on Anubis with GGPredict

15.12.2022, 10:6

New training map available for free.

Anubis is a map that has been present in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament map pool for by far the shortest period of time. Its recent addition came as quite a surprise to the community. However, Valve has already accustomed CS:GO players to shocking decisions. So, now it's time to start practising on Anubis even harder. Coming in with the help is GGPredict! We have prepared a dedicated version of the Anubis map, on which you can practice all types of grenades. It is available for free in our training tool.

Anubis, the successor to the CS legend

Anubis appeared in CS:GO in March 2020. Initially, only Scrimmage matches could be played on it.

Set in Egypt, the map apparently must have appealed strongly to CS:GO players. Less than two weeks after its debut, Anubis found its way into the Competitive map group. Its creators, Roald, jakuza and jd40, regularly updated it. And suddenly - just over a year after its debut - Anubis was removed from CS:GO by Valve.

The map was made available again on August 16, 2022, when an update was released to celebrate CS:GO's 10th birthday. After another three months and just five days after the Rio Major, Counter-Strike's developers announced a shocking change to the tournament map pool.

Anubis was unexpectedly added to the roster, replacing the legendary location, Dust2. This one was still strongly remembered from earlier versions of Counter-Strike, but it was finally time to say goodbye to it. No one knows if forever.

Debut at a tier one tournament

The newest map in the tournament pool has already made its debut at a tier one CS:GO competition. On the first day of the BLAST Premier World Final 2022, Anubis appeared in two series!

First, Anubis made its debut in the match between Outsiders and Team Liquid. The map was chosen by the recent winners of the Major, but they lost on it 8:16. While in the Heroic vs OG match, Anubis was the deciding arena. Only after overtime did the latter team win.

Time to practice

Anubis will be in the CS:GO tournament map pool for a long time. Leading teams are already picking this location just a month after its introduction, which is a good sign. So it's time to get in on the grenade training!

Gain an advantage over your opponents and master a variety of smokes, flashes and molotovs using a dedicated map prepared by GGPredict. Practice based on tips to learn basic and more advanced grenades. Surprise your opponents at the crucial moment and win a match!

Try out GGPredict's training and practice grenades on Anubis on our dedicated map!

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