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Meet us on Intel Extreme Masters Katowice 2023!

Meet us on Intel Extreme Masters Katowice 2023!

04.02.2023, 18:0

The event that every esports enthusiast has been waiting for: hundreds of thousands of visitors, millions of viewers every year, fans coming from all over the world to Katowice to support their favourite teams. One of the biggest CS:GO tournaments is here - and we are here, too!

Be the best in the game and gain rewards.

Exclusively for our Intel Extreme Masters visitors, we prepared the “GGPredict IEM Katowice Challenge”. It is a special map, available to play at our IEM stand, designed to test your skills in the most comprehensive and efficient way. The main goal is to complete the run in the shortest time possible. You will need to complete 3 different stages, which will test your skill in all aspects of CS:GO: guns accuracy, movement, sniper flicks, flash accuracy, prefires and after plant situations.

Want to show us your full potential? You will have 3 tries to make the best time. Your score will be shared on the special landing page in the PRO Players Leaderboard, where you will be able to see how you stack up against the competition! The best player from each day will be awarded with high value CS:GO skin. Full prizes list will be revealed on our social media, the day before the event.

Meet the CS:GO professionals!

Every day there will be a new influencer waiting for you to take a picture, have an exciting conversation with, and most importantly, face you on our special IEM challenge! The map has been played by the top professional gamers, and now you will have the opportunity to compare yourself with the best of the best.

Visit us on IEM, play on the challenge map, face off against professionals and beat their time on the leaderboard. Maybe you should be the one competing in the main events? Come on, prove your skill!

We will be waiting for you throughout the event. Follow our social media to stay up to date with the list of awards and new influencers!

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