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m0NESY = s1mple v2? WePlay Academy League season 1 analyzed

m0NESY = s1mple v2? WePlay Academy League season 1 analyzed

18.08.2021, 15:10

As always, we analyzed the tournament in 5 aspects of the game: flash effectiveness, entry frags, sniper rifles usage, damage dealers, and distance covered.

The undisputed king of the damage was definitely NAVI Junior star - m0NESY. He was ahead of the competition by 0.2 kills per round more and 23 damage per round more. He was also the only player, who had more than 1.0 kills per round and more than 100 dmg per round. Will he become the future of NAVI and will they dominate everyone with both, m0NESY and s1mple?

M0NESY is also a player, that won the most opening duels (79%) while being on the second place with the most opening tries from all players. He also made the most sniper kills per sniper rounds (1.09) and was the second-best player in flash efficiency. A complete player at an age of only 16!

About GGPredict: We created an algorithm that analyzes CS:GO demos in more than 250 metrics. GGPredict’s mission is to educate players and help them to improve those aspects of the game that are not visible at first glance.

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