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IEM Beijing-Haidian 2020 Europe Analyzed!

IEM Beijing-Haidian 2020 Europe Analyzed!

24.11.2020, 16:33

Team Vitality with the first tournament win after they added Nivera to their roster! 2 mid-match switches helped them without a doubt!

Stats explanation:

Opening Kills - Sum of first kills in the round (the more the better);

First Contact - Average time that the player has seen an opponent for the first time in the round;

Kevlar and Helmet Buys - Sum of Kevlar Vest and Helmet buys by the players;

Average First See - Average of time when a player saw an enemy;

Grenades Thrown per Round - Number of grenades thrown per round;

AK-47 Hit Percentage - Sum of AK-47 hits divided by all shots;

Opening Deaths - Sum of first deaths in the round (the less is better);

Opponents Hurt - Sum of opponents hurt during the match;

Trade Kills - Sum of trade kills during the match;

Glock-18 Hits - Sum of kills with Glock-18;

Total Kills Flashed - Sum of kills when an enemy was flashed;

Traded Deaths- Sum of deaths leading to trade kill;

Distance Covered - Distance covered by the player per round;

Defuse Kit Buys - Sum of Defuse Kit buys;

Flash Assists - Sum of Flash Assists;

Clutches 1vs1 won - Sum of won clutches 1 versus 1 opponent;

Clutches 1vs4 won - Sum of won clutches 1 versus 4 opponents;

Bartosz Słodownik
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