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How was GGP Clan born? CS:GO Majors participant on building a team using data

How was GGP Clan born? CS:GO Majors participant on building a team using data

22.04.2023, 17:0

Building a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team that will successfully compete in tournaments can be approached in many ways. Some rely on well-known players straight away, others conduct long and extensive tryouts, and still some rely on statistics. The latter perfectly reflects the way GGP Clan was built. The project is led by Bartosz "Hyper" Wolny, a former coach and player of many titled Polish CS:GO teams.

The role of statistics in building a CS:GO team

In the process of building GGP Clan that Hyper had actually led, the statistics provided by GGPredict played a very important role. Thanks to the data, it was easier for him to select players that fit the role. "Let's take entry fraggers, for example. When analysing who would be suitable for the role, I would look at the open entry frag statistic and see how many shots individual players needed to eliminate an opponent. For other roles, I paid attention to other statistics," Bartosz Wolny explains.

With the detailed data from GGPredict, Hyper was able to select the best players. The result was the formation of the GGP Clan team in October last year. After just a few weeks, the team debuted in the top 30 of the ranking of Polish CS:GO teams by The formation is steadily climbing up the list, and is currently ranked close to the top ten.

"Statistics from GGPredict helped me a lot when selecting players for the GGP Clan. Without the data, this would have taken a very long time and would have been difficult. For this reason, I think the use of data will be essential when building CS:GO teams in the future," Hyper emphasises.

Once just K/D, now much more

While still a player, Hyper had the opportunity to compete at two CS:GO Majors and many other tournaments. In his role as a coach he supported, for example, Izako Boars and PRIDE. He is therefore well acquainted with the backstage of the scene.

As he explains, when building a Counter-Strike team a few years ago, one looked more strongly at friendships and relationships between players and a very basic statistic, K/D. Now it is a different story. "There is a great deal of testing when picking players. I have often given young players a chance, which has frequently paid off. I also have access to extensive statistics that tell me if I should test a particular player at all."

However, GGP Clan, statistics are not just used at the team-building stage. Hyper regularly looks at the numbers he collects to see how individual players perform over a selected period. In this way, it is easier for him to see which elements his players need to work harder on.

AI boosts development

Since the beginning of 2023, there has been regular talk about artificial intelligence and its impact on many areas of our lives. Tools like ChatGPT are rightly called revolutionary, but AI has also been helping CS:GO players develop for a long time.

Artificial intelligence is used by the GGPredict platform to give players individual training plans that suggest what they should be working on. "Currently, individual training in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is much easier. With GGPredict, different plays, grenades or accuracy can be trained, and players' actions are analysed by the artificial intelligence."

The GGP Clan coach also emphasises how important another tool created by GGPredict, the Demo Viewer 2D, is from his point of view. "It definitely makes it easier for me to watch demos, which is essential in developing individually, but also as a team. With Demo Viewer 2D, I can see what a player is doing at any time during a CS:GO match," explains Hyper.

The Counter-Strike veteran has been watching the landscape of the esports scene change for a long time. Just a few years ago, access to stats was severely limited, and squad building was driven by connections, among other things. When building the GGP Clan, Hyper had other considerations. The numbers helped him to create a team that reached the area of the top 10 of Poland within a few months. As he points out, using data and the right tools will be crucial to further individual and team development in the CS:GO scene.

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