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How to start GGP Training Hub in CS2? Post CS2 Release Update

How to start GGP Training Hub in CS2? Post CS2 Release Update

06.10.2023, 13:35

You downloaded the file. Now what?

Fear not, It’s easy:

1. Copy the .vpk file from your Downloads folder.

2. Paste it to the Steam CS:GO folder in maps. For most users, the Steam folder will be located in Program Files.

3. Open your Steam library and right-click on “Counter-Strike 2”.

4. Select “Properties” and locate the “Launch Options” button.

5. Add the “-insecure” parameter to your launch options. Don’t worry, using this command won’t result in a VAC ban, but it will temporarily prevent you from accessing official servers.

6. Launch the game and type the following command in the console.
map ggpredict_traininghub

7. Enjoy the most comprehensive training map and see your results improve!

8. After you’re done training, return to the “Launch Options” and remove the “-insecure” command before restarting the game for matchmaking.

Keep in mind that this is a temporary solution. Launching the map will become easier once it’s available on the Steam Workshop. All data, including Leaderboard Scores, Total Kills, and Total Time Spent, will seamlessly transfer to the Workshop version once it’s released.

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