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How to jump throw in CSGO. All you need to know about the jump throw bind

How to jump throw in CSGO. All you need to know about the jump throw bind

01.05.2022, 20:3
CS:GO jump throw bind
CS:GO jump throw bind

Throwing the perfect smoke grenade in CSGO isn't easy. Picking the right spot and aiming at the right target isn't everything you need to do to gain the advantage you want. It is also very important to synchronize the moment you throw the grenade with your jump. Doing it yourself does not guarantee one hundred percent repeatability, which is why the jump throw bind may come in handy. The jump throw bind is a special set of commands that you should put into your config so it works every time you start Counter Strike Global Offensive.


When is the jump throw useful?

On Counter Strike Global Offensive maps like Mirage and Overpass the jump throw can be especially useful. The large distances between different locations and the open skybox make it possible to throw long-range smoke when choosing the right direction. The jump throw will cause the grenade to be released at the perfect moment, so the smoke will appear in the right place.

Jump throw bind in config file

You should put the jump throw bind directly into your CS:GO config file. By placing it there, you can ensure that it will work every time you launch CSGO and that you won't have to perform any additional actions. You can also paste the bind in the developer console, but you will need to remember to do this every time you restart the Counter Strike Global Offensive, so placing the jump throw bind in the config is much more convenient.

You can set the jump throw bind under any keyboard or mouse key. It will be activated every time you press that key. We do not recommend that you use the left mouse button, for example, but you can use mouse3, which is a scroll key that is not assigned to any function by default in CSGO.

How to do a jump throw?

Below you will find a set of commands that together form the jump throw bind. All you need to do is copy and paste them into your config. The bind should be used when your model in Counter Strike Global Offensive already has a grenade in its hand and you hold down the left mouse button. If you skip either of these steps, the jump throw may not work properly.


alias "+jumpthrow" "+jump; -attack; -attack2"
alias "-jumpthrow" "-jump"
bind "mouse3" "+jumpthrow"

There are often questions on the web about whether jump throw bind is allowed. Players wonder if they can get banned for using the jump throw bind. You can use the jump throw bind commands set in CSGO matchmaking. When it comes to official Counter Strike Global Offensive tournaments, this is an entirely individual matter. Each tournament organizer has the right to declare the jump throw bind as banned. For this reason, we recommend that you always check the tournament rules to make sure you won't get banned for using a jump throw bind.

The jump throw bind will help you take your CSGO gameplay to the next level. From now on, your smokes will always hit the right spot thanks to the jump throw.

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