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How to fly in CS:GO? Noclip command & bind guide

How to fly in CS:GO? Noclip command & bind guide

03.03.2023, 17:0
CS:GO Noclip guide
CS:GO Noclip guide

Did you know that in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, you can actually fly? The existence of this non-obvious feature of Valve's game is certainly known to those who often spend time on private CS:GO servers, where they practice various gameplay elements. Those who have never used the noclip command or bind will therefore certainly find the comprehensive guide we have prepared useful. In this blogpost we will describe in detail how to use the command for free flying in CS:GO.

Noclip is a CS:GO command that can only be used if you give the sv_cheats command a value of 1. Otherwise, you won't be able to fly. Since noclip belongs to this particular group of commands, it also means that it cannot be used at during matchmaking or PUGs. So where can this command be used? Foremost, on private servers and during games against bots.


The noclip command allows CS:GO players to move freely around the map. By enabling it, one gets the ability to fly around the location the player is on, along with the option to pass through walls and other objects located on the map. Thus, this command is especially useful when one wants to quickly move to a distant point on the map. The noclip is worth using, for example, when testing new grenades to see if they fall in the right place.

How to use noclip command?

The basic way to use the noclip command is to type it in the CS:GO console. We recommend using it this way only if you want to trigger it once.

At first, you must enable the ability to enable the CS:GO console. Below, we explain how to do this:

  1. Launch Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and go to "Game Settings".
  2. In the list, find "Enable Console" and check "Yes".
  3. Open the console by clicking the tilde on your keyboard.

If the above three steps have already been completed, there is nothing left to do but to simply enter in the CS:GO console sv_cheats 1 first, and then noclip, and then return to the game and enjoy the ability to move faster around the map.

Noclip bind

For those who regularly visit private servers, we recommend a more permanent solution to enable the noclip command. To do this, you need to use a bind, which we recommend putting into the config. We wrote about editing and creating your own CS:GO config in a separate tutorial.

In CS:GO, binds make the selected key permanently associated with a given command. We recommend assigning noclip to the "p" key, which in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is not assigned in to any function by default. Of course, it is also possible to use any other key, but then the letter "p" in the following binds must be replaced by another key of your choice.

The basic version of the noclip bind looks like the following:

bind p "noclip"

After entering this bind into the CS:GO config, every time a player presses "p" on the keyboard, they will be able to move freely around the map they are on. Each time, however, one will have to remember to enter the sv_cheats 1 command into the in-game console first.

However, there is a way to make the use of the noclip command in CS:GO even easier. All thanks to the ability to bind two commands to a single key - in this case, these will be the sv_cheats 1 and noclip commands. To use this option, you need to paste the following line in the config:

bind p "sv_cheats 1; noclip"


Noclip command and bind - summary

Noclip is one of those commands that are exceptionally useful during a CS:GO training. Using it in the form of a bind, can save a lot of time and make moving around the selected map definitely more convenient. If this option is not yet in your config, we recommend you put it there and start using it. The command and bind noclip will be greatly appreciated by every CS:GO player!

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