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How to effectively train for the switch to CS2

How to effectively train for the switch to CS2

13.10.2023, 12:20

Counter-Strike 2 is officially out and ready for everyone to play. Even though it's not a completely new game compared to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, it will feel different to many players. What's more, CS2 introduces a range of changes and improvements that you should be aware of in order to perform well on the server. What should every player know before embarking on their Counter-Strike 2 journey? Let us guide you through the most important changes to make your transition to CS2 as smooth as possible.

Learn how to use the utility

Even though this is Counter-Strike 2 and not Global Offensive, the utility in the game is still crucial to getting good results. As Valve has reworked the way various aspects work, you should invest some time in mastering them in CS2.

Smokes have probably received the biggest changes in Counter-Strike 2. During the first official announcement of the game, Valve announced that they would be reworked. And indeed, smokes work differently. At the moment, the smoke itself is more suited to where it is thrown. It will work differently in a narrow corridor than it will in an open area. Also importantly, in CS2, smokes should look the same to all players on a server, making them more consistent and predictable.

It is a good idea to spend some time learning how smokes work in CS2. Shooting through the smoke, or throwing a nade into it, will give you a small window of vision. If you are quick enough, you might be able to spot an enemy and eliminate them. Counter-Strike 2 also allows you to see which side threw a particular smoke. Right after it explodes, you can see that the CT's smoke is a bit more blue, while the T's is a bit more brown. However, both will turn grey later on.

To become a master of the utility in CS2, you should know about this one new thing! Go to the practice mode available in the game and turn on a dedicated Grenade Camera on the right, as well as Infinite Ammo and Infinite Warmup. The CS2 Grenade Camera available in the practice mode makes it easy to train smokes and flashes. You can see in real-time where each grenade will land before you throw it.

Watch out for shadows

Counter-Strike 2 players with weaker gaming setups will not like this news. In the latest version of Valve's FPS, shadows really count and can give you a competitive advantage over your opponents.

Thanks to the introduction of the Source 2 engine in Counter-Strike 2, the game is more realistic than ever. And when it comes to shadows, you can see it (literally!). By setting Global Shadow Quality to High or Very High, you can stay one step ahead of your opponents. If you are close to a corner, a player's shadow may expose them early, as it will be clearly visible on the ground or other elements of the map.

Make sure you use the settings mentioned above but also pay more attention to shadows. It may take a while, but it will be worth it in the long run.

Peek like a pro

Many players say that Counter-Strike 2 feels different from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This is mainly because the game uses a new engine, Source 2. Its introduction has affected many elements of the FPS we love, including the game physics.

Peeking in CS2 is different from CS:GO, so training this aspect will be an important part of a smooth transition to the new game. There are certain positions on various maps where you simply have to peek to check that position. It is important to remember that the player holding the position you are peeking at has an advantage in the majority of cases. What the peeking player can do to stand a chance against the holding player is explained by fl0m, a top Counter-Strike content creator, in his video:

Master revamped maps

It is safe to say that the maps in Counter-Strike 2 have changed a lot. And we are not just talking about colors or brightness, but also layouts.

Inferno is the best example, as this map has received the most changes compared to its CS:GO version. The CS2 version of the map has received numerous updates to key positions on the A and B sides or banana. It's a good idea to go through all the maps in practice mode to familiarise yourself with all the layout changes before entering a ranking game. This will also allow you to get used to the new colors of all the CS2 maps.

The amount of changes between CS:GO and CS2 is huge. Learning and training the elements mentioned in this article will certainly make your transition to the new game smooth and easy.

Stay consistent

Once you master peeking, new shadows, and utilities, there is one more crucial aspect of the training that will allow you to maximize your CS2 results: regular and consistent aim training paired with a proper warmup before any game.

With that in mind, we have created the GGP Training Hub that will let you seamlessly move into CS2. Join over 250,000 players using it already and stay up to date with the competition!

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