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How to analyse CS:GO matches effectively to become better?

How to analyse CS:GO matches effectively to become better?

28.05.2023, 16:31

Spending hundreds or even thousands of hours just playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a good way to improve one's skill. However, this is not enough to reach an even higher level. Further development - both individually and as a team - will be possible by analysing gameplay in CS:GO. This is an element just as important, and according to some, even more important than shooting and throwing grenades. So how should one approach match analysis in Counter-Strike to do it effectively?

Get to know the right commands

It's best to get started with CS:GO demos by becoming familiar with the right commands. These will allow you to more easily view your own and other players' demos. To get started, check out our dedicated article. There, you will find detailed information about the commands and a guide to handling demos in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Get a new perspective with the GGPredict’s 2D Demo Viewer

The traditional way of watching CS:GO demos straight in the game, however, is not very convenient. Even knowing all the commands, the built-in player causes some problems. To avoid these problems and at the same time gain a whole new perspective on Counter-Strike matches, it's worth using innovative tools like 2D Demo Viewer from GGPredict. It allows you to view .dem files far more efficiently. The tool is available for free here.

Watch both yourself and others

To become a better CS:GO player, take the time to watch replays of your own matches. By studying such demos, it is easier for a player to spot mistakes. This gives them an idea of how their opponents and themselves behave in certain positions, so they can spot even the smallest areas for improvement. The knowledge gained in this way will allow one to find a better place to position oneself or to choose a more favourable angle to aim at.

It is also important to watch other players. Using portals like, you can get a demo of almost any CS:GO match. Observing and analysing the in-game behaviour of players such as s1mple, ZywOo, NiKo, Twistzz or other representatives of the esports top can significantly enhance one's development. Official broadcasts of CS:GO tournaments do not present all the players' actions, so it is easy to miss some important details. By watching the demos of the best players and observing them closely, it is possible to really learn a lot from them and transfer to one's own style.

Don't get distracted

Since we've already mentioned watching demos carefully, it's worth sticking with this point for a moment. Effective analysis for the development of a CS:GO player is only possible if the player gives it 100% of their attention. For this purpose, it is worth including a certain amount of time in your daily or weekly schedule for watching and analysing demos. It's also best to put your phone aside and isolate yourself from social media for a couple of minutes to avoid getting distracted. We also recommend that you prepare a notepad to write down issues that need attention in the future.

Team analysis

If you and your companions are looking to grow as a team, spend time together watching and analysing the demos. By exchanging insights, you will be able to spot what is actually wrong more quickly. Then you can start working on specific elements to improve your CS:GO game.

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