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How long does the Faceit match take on all competitive maps?

How long does the Faceit match take on all competitive maps?

19.08.2023, 12:40

In this week’s analysis, we examined the relation between match duration, players Faceit levels, and map choice.

Does the match take longer with the higher level of players because of fewer skill discrepancies? Or is it quicker, because everyone is more effective? Which maps to choose for a more even match at your current level?

To make the data as accurate as possible, we analyzed 160109 matches and 3937938 rounds from Faceit on all maps, and here are the results!

First of all, the average number of rounds played increases with players’ skill.

On the first three levels of Faceit, the average number of rounds is below 27. Level 9 shows the peak for even matches, with the players averaging 27.61 rounds in a match. What is quite interesting, the map pick does not seem to affect the average of rounds played in a match, staying on the same 27 rounds.

Now, looking at the average round time - players' level seems to have minimal influence on the round time, making the discrepancies basically negligible. The maximum difference in round times (not surprisingly, Level 1 vs Level 10 players) is below 1 second: Level 10 rounds average 79.55s while Level 1 - 80.51s.

In this case, however, analyzing the round time per map shows the real disproportions. It makes sense, considering how disparate CS:GO maps are in terms of size and the amount of routes, but the numbers are quite noteworthy.

The shortest average time round is observed on Ancient - 75.55s, while the longest rounds take place on Inferno with 86.55s, making up for 11 seconds difference. If you don’t think that is a lot, consider an average of 27 rounds in a match - it means almost 5 minutes of pure gameplay!

It is also worth noting that the difference between the shortest and longest match time based on the

map grows along with the players’ level. There is not enough data to know for sure what could be the reason, but we are happy to hear your hypotheses in the comments!

What map should you choose for a long or short match based on your level?
Here’s the list:
Level 1 - Longest: Inferno, 37m 43s; Shortest: Ancient, 33m 30s;

Level 2 - Longest: Overpass, 37m 53s; Shortest: Ancient, 33m 40s;

Level 3 - Longest: Inferno, 38m 21s; Shortest: Ancient, 33m 52s;

Level 4 - Longest: Inferno, 39m 15s; Shortest: Ancient, 34m 33s;

Level 5 - Longest: Inferno, 39m 18s; Shortest: Ancient, 34m 36s;

Level 6 - Longest: Inferno, 39m 46s; Shortest: Ancient, 34m 3s;

Level 7 - Longest: Overpass, 39m 56s; Shortest: Vertigo, 34m 1s;

Level 8 - Longest: Overpass, 40m 41s; Shortest: Vertigo, 34m;

Level 9 - Longest: Inferno, 40m 4s; Shortest: Vertigo, 34m 27s;

Level 10 - Longest: Overpass, 40m 43s; Shortest: Ancient, 34m 8s;

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