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GGPredict Highlights

GGPredict Highlights

18.02.2021, 15:20

A big update just landed on our website.

Esportal Integration- Rating Explanation View - Performance Report Tab.

Hi, you haven’t heard from us for a while. We have been working on a huge update that finally landed today on GGPredict! If you haven’t visited us in the previous weeks - I strongly recommend you to take a look at what we have prepared!

The Aim Center

Aim Center is the best way to track how you use each weapon. We are sure it will make a huge difference in terms of improving your accuracy, recoil control, and how you control the flicks. Just select a weapon from the list and you'll get each of this information instantly.

Performance Report
A performance report has been added to the Match page. It details and visualizes how have you been performing compared to your teammates - if you have been carrying your team or just noobing out

This is a great feature when you play with your friends - from now on you can easily compare yourself and see who is the MVP of your wolfpack. As you can see below - I'm definitely not carrying my team but when it comes to supporting them with flashes and smokes - they can always count on me (if I'm not dead already).

Esportal Integration
Now you can play Steam Matchmaking, FaceIt, Esportal, or just upload your demo - we will be always there to analyze your performance and give you some meaningful insights! Just go on the top of your dashboard and you will find it here

Weapons - Esport Section
If you go to our Esports section you can find this great summary of all Counter-Strike weapons. We have added short movies showing the recoil pattern, damage caused and skins that you can find for the particular weapon. Really useful when you want to dig deeper and be aware of the game.

Added, updated & fixed.

  • Added a rating explanation view with a detailed description of how the rating is given, and a breakdown of each metric.
  • Migration of logging and registration to oAuth 2.0 standard.
  • Added a view to compare yourself with professional players in the esports section of the site.

  • Redesigned the Map center tab in the match view
  • Simplified the symbol in the favicon
  • Reduced application size by removing dead code
  • Updated the content of paragraphs on the homepage
  • Simplified the component showing the rank in the page header
  • Removed skills to improve component from dashboard view

  • Bug with handling dates after 2020 in Activity Monitor module
  • Warning displayed in browser console in the Dashboard view
  • Fixed an issue with subpage titles
  • Bugged gradient in player list table in match view on mobile devices

To see all the changes visit our changelog section!

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We also want to ask for your help! If you enjoy using GGPredict we would much appreciate your help in spreading the word. Most of us play CS:GO with their friends. Just let them now about us, we are sure that we can be useful for them as well! Thanks!

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