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GGPredict Update. We need your opinion!

GGPredict Update. We need your opinion!

19.10.2020, 10:53


First of all, thanks for being with us!

We hope that GGPredict will stay with you for longer and help you become a better player. We will try to update you regularly, I hope you don't mind it!

We've been live for two weeks now and this time has given us a lot of experience, new ideas, and improvements that will make it even easier for you to use this tool.

The changes we have made:

1) Skills Radar. We simplified the radar view on the home page. It looks transparent now. Additionally, for the most inquisitive ones - we added two decimal places instead of one.

2. Steam Connection. For those who haven't managed to connect their Steam account with GGPredict yet, we have made the process easier.
We worked on making the connection as simple as possible and divided it into two separate steps. We encourage you to connect to fully enjoy GGPredict!

3. Match Calendar. We've changed the legend of your match calendar to make it easier to read and at first glance, you can see the days when you were clearly doing well.

4. The Hitboxes. We love this one! This feature clearly shows you how you shoot and what parts of your enemies' bodies you hit most often. Great tool when it comes to working on your accuracy!

5. Similarities. We have improved it. Now you can compare yourself to PROs in different game aspects.

4. Loading status. We added a loading status view to Radar, Calendar, Best/ Worst Map, Hitboxes and Similarities components.

5. Bugs, bugs, bugs.... we fixed many smaller and bigger bugs.

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Now, we have to ask you for a big help. We are running beta tests because we want to know better your needs, ideas, and thoughts. This tool is made for you and your satisfaction.

If you want to help us by spending 15 - 30 minutes on a quick video call to share your first impressions and ideas - it would mean the world to us!  And we would love to meet you in person :) We can speak either in English or in Polish.

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