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GGPredict leaves beta version and goes full alpha!

16.08.2021, 15:48

In the newest product update we have highlighted the most important changes on our platform.

So, what are the most important changes on our website?

You can now practice with other future Pro players

In the update, we added several training servers. Now, if you have to play deathmatch during your training, just go to the Training tab and click “Start Task”. You will automatically join the best CS:GO server for your training.

New training section

We have redesigned the training view. We changed the layout of the tiles, added better task designation and the ability to turn on a training task directly in the application.

Activity feed

A social module in the form of Activity Feed automatically generates entries based on the player's activity depending on his performance in the match. Along with the module, there was a whole notification system informing about likes, new followers, recommended people, etc.

Public profile

New public profile view. We have added tabs to better group information, the ability to compare with the user directly in the profile and the Feed tab with the user's recent activities.

Strengths and weaknesses

Instant feedback from your last game. Just play a game and our analyzer will give you short tips on what aspect of the game you need to focus.

Start free trial today

With the end of the beta version of the platform, GGPredict plans to monetize its platform by offering Personalized Workout Plans as a subscription. Until the promotion ends, you will have the chance to purchase it as an Early Bird for $9.99. Activity Feed and all analytics features offered so far in free form remain available to all users.

Bartosz Słodownik
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