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GGPredict becomes the analytics partner of Mad Dog's PACT

GGPredict becomes the analytics partner of Mad Dog's PACT

18.03.2021, 15:0

Mad Dog's PACT - Poland's top Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team and recent PLE Polish Champion has partnered with Polish platform GGPredict, which will prepare analytics solutions for the organization.

GGPredict is a Polish startup that supports players with Counter-Strike analytics and training. The artificial intelligence-based platform has already analyzed more than 250,000 matches in over 200 statistics. The team was recently joined by Jakub kuben Gurczynski and Michal MICHU Müller, who create training plans with the company for its customers.

GGPredict will support PACT in maintaining an information bank and in supporting the organization's coach and players in analyzing and better understanding their game. In addition, the two companies will work together marketing-wise to create content and analysis

PACT is one of the best teams in Poland, we are very happy to have the opportunity to work with such a well-structured team. Our goal is to support the organization in better and faster analysis of their game, but also to help them prepare for matches against their rivals. Additionally, our analysis and articles get a lot of attention on social media, and in this aspect, we also have a lot of shared ideas with PACT. We are making our platform for players and it is their opinion that is crucial for us - we couldn't think of better testers of our new solutions than PLE Polish Champion players. - Michał Łowigus.
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