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Flash Efficiency comparition

Flash Efficiency comparition

26.01.2021, 16:49

What's the difference between Faceit and Pro matches? There is a huge gap in team play and flash efficiency. Pro players throw 0.15 more flashes per round than a 10 LVL Faceit player. That's more than 4.5 flashes in 30 rounds. For pro players, potentially it's more than 14 additional seconds of flashed opponents.

Data source - We have analyzed all demos from for both Steam (22 364 matches) and Faceit (21 569 matches) matches from the last 2 months (429 000 total records, 1 record = 1 player). For Pro Players, we took all demos from the last 6 months of Top30 teams of our ranking (1 253 matches; 8 920 records, 1 record = 1 player).

Flash Efficiency - metric that counts how many seconds does the flash blind an opponent on average.

Throws per round - number of flashes thrown per round divided by the number of rounds played.

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