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Everything we know about Source 2 CS:GO update.

Everything we know about Source 2 CS:GO update.

07.03.2023, 16:0

The Source 2 CS:GO update became a topic again since it was recently leaked that NVIDIA has included drivers for "cs2.exe" and "csgos2.exe" in their latest graphics card update, further suggesting that Source 2 may be coming to CS:GO in the near future. Anonymous sources say that the release of a beta is expected as early as March 2023.

Furthermore, rumors have circulated that a group of professional players has already had the opportunity to test the Source 2 version of CS:GO at Valve's headquarters in Seattle.

What are the changes that Source 2 may bring?

There are several potential benefits of implementing Source 2 in CS:GO. One of the most significant is improved performance, particularly in terms of FPS (frames per second). Source 2 is optimized for modern hardware and could help improve the game's performance on newer machines. It could also improve the game's overall stability, as well as its visuals and animations.

Valve has a history of supporting its games for years after release, and the addition of Source 2 to CS:GO would be a significant upgrade for the game's loyal player base. However, as with any major update, there could be some potential downsides, such as compatibility issues with mods and custom maps.

Is my inventory endangered?

But what may happen to all the content purchased in CS:GO? These are the most popular questions asked about potential engine upgrade, thankfully "Gabe Follower" - a leaker well known by CS:GO community, claims on Twitter, that skins purchased on your account will remain in the new version of the game. This is good news for players who have invested time and money in acquiring rare and valuable skins, as they will not lose them when the game switches to Source 2.

Is Source 2 update official?

Despite all these rumors and leaks, Valve has yet to make an official announcement regarding the implementation of Source 2 in CS:GO. However, the increasing amount of evidence and speculation suggests that a transition may be on the horizon. Nevertheless, this update may be a major boon for the CS:GO community.

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