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Dreamhack Open Fall 2020 final analyzed!

Dreamhack Open Fall 2020 final analyzed!

27.10.2020, 17:26

This week we analyzed the final match of DreamHack Open Fall 2020, where Heroic won with Team Vitality in a 5-map thriller!

Stats explanation:

DMG Sources - Sum of damage sources during the match (f.e. if a player will receive a damage from 5 enemies during the round, there will be 5 damage sources);

AK-47 HS % - Sum of AK-47 head hits divided to all hits;

Exit kills - Sum of kills achieved within the time frame after a round has completed and before the next round starts;

Flash assists - Sum of flash assists;

Grenades thrown - Sum of grenades thrown in the match;

Total sniper kills - Sum of kills using sniper rifles (AWP, Scar-20, SSG 08, G3SG1);

1v4 clutches won - Sum of won clutches 1 versus 4 opponents;

Died flashed - Sum of deaths when a player was flashed;

Died without seeing - Sum of deaths where a player hasn't seen an opponent;

Opening K/D ratio - Ratio of all oppening kills and deaths;

First contact - Average time that the player has seen an opponent for the first time in the round;

Opponents hurt - Sum of opponents hurt during the match;

Traded deaths - Sum of deaths leading to trade kill;

Glock-18 kills - Sum of kills with Glock-18;

Flashed teammates - Sum of teammates flashed (the less, the better);

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