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CS:GO Spray Patterns. All you need to know about recoil

CS:GO Spray Patterns. All you need to know about recoil

10.03.2023, 19:0
CS:GO Spray Patterns & Recoil
CS:GO Spray Patterns & Recoil

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a video game that to some extent attempts to replicate reality. This includes the game's physics field, which includes weapon recoil. When shooting with an M4A4, AK-47 or P90 both in CS:GO and in real life, one has to deal with recoil. Each shot, or series of them, requires correcting the position of the crosshair placement. In CS:GO, however, it is easier to get used to due to the repetitive behavior of weapons.

Mastering the spray pattern of the various weapons featured in CS:GO is not the easiest of challenges. Nevertheless, by devoting enough time to training and carrying it out in the most efficient way possible, it is possible to learn how to control weapons more effectively when firing.


What is recoil, spray pattern and recoil compensation in CS:GO?

Before we move on and start discussing the various topics more extensively, it is important to clarify a few terms so that everything is completely clear. For this reason, below is a short glossary that will come in handy in the later stages:

  • recoil - the kickback of the weapon, which you deal with after firing a shot,
  • spray pattern - a pattern that determines where bullets will land in CS:GO, when firing a long and continuous series of shots. Each weapon available in the game has a unique spray pattern,
  • recoil compensation - a term used to describe an action designed to minimize the recoil of weapons when firing shots. In CS:GO, recoil compensation can be achieved by appropriately moving the mouse cursor while firing shots.

Learning the spray pattern in CS:GO

More than 30 different weapons are available in CS:GO, including sniper rifles, pistols, and automatic rifles. Each of them behaves differently when firing - they have different recoil power, as well as the pattern by which bullets are fired (spray pattern).

The variety of spray patterns of weapons in CS:GO makes it a tricky element to master. Keep in mind, however, that there is not much point in trying to learn the spray pattern of every rifle and pistol available in Counter-Strike, as only some of it will probably be useful.

How to master the spray pattern in CS:GO?

So, the first step in learning should be to determine which weapons a player uses most often. In this way, it is possible to significantly reduce the pool of those that a given player wants to learn to perfection.

After that, it is possible, in principle, to move on to the actual exercise. The point, of course, is to move the mouse according to a specific pattern, which is characteristic for the selected rifle or pistol. Moving the cursor at the right pace and in the right direction will make the bullets land closer to the place a player originally chose as a target. This will improve the player's accuracy when spraying in CS:GO.

In this case, there are really quite a lot of possibilities, and one of the most popular is using the maps available in the Steam Workshop. Custom arenas will facilitate spray pattern training in CS:GO, allowing players to make progress quickly. One of the most popular choices in this case is Recoil Master, a map available in the Steam Workshop.

Perhaps an even more effective and convenient way to train spray patterns is to use GGPredict. Thanks to this platform, it is possible to train many elements of the game in CS:GO, including recoil. The AI coach will create an individual training plan for each player, also providing analysis of the game and the elements the player should work harder on to become even better.


CS:GO Spray Patterns

As we previously mentioned, each of the weapons available in CS:GO has a unique spray pattern. Below is a spray pattern presentation of the most popular weapons from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which we recommend you familiarize yourself with before you start the proper practice.


Mastering the spray pattern in CS:GO can prove to be crucial on the way to continue making progress in CS:GO. This will ensure that even during a longer series of shots, they will land where the player wants them to, so the opponent will be eliminated faster.

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