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CS:GO Training. How to become a better player?

CS:GO Training. How to become a better player?

17.02.2023, 17:0
How to become better at CS:GO?
How to become better at CS:GO?

The right form of training is essential for making progress whether we are talking about soccer, singing or playing CS:GO. We will not touch the first two fields today, because we simply do not have any knowledge of them. However, we do know a thing or two about Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and we can point out a few ways to improve your skill in the FPS game from Valve.

The CS:GO skill is the sum of all the skills used during the game. Undoubtedly among them are aim and movement, respectively the ability to shoot accurately and move smoothly. No less important, however, are also the knowledge and understanding of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. A skilled player knows the economy of CS:GO very well and is aware of where to expect opponents. The use of grenades is also important, as accurate smoke and flashes can be crucial when attacking a bombsite or deflecting positions. The ability to quickly and clearly communicate messages to teammates cannot be overlooked either - efficient information sharing definitely facilitates success in a team game. There are at least a few more elements that could be added to this list, but here we mention only the most important ones. Now that we've discussed what skill is in CS:GO, let's move on. It's time to answer the title question: how to become a better CS:GO player?


Train your aim regularly

Since CS:GO is a game belonging to the First-Person Shooter genre, one of the most important elements is - of course - shooting. The faster the player points his crosshair at the opponent, the faster he can eliminate him. And, after all, eliminating the opposing team is one of the conditions for achieving victory in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Aim training is best done by using CS:GO maps available for free on the Steam Workshop. From there, players can download a variety of locations offering different training modes. Sometimes these will be dots appearing in random places and quickly disappearing, which you will have to hit, while other times they will be static or moving bots. Custom maps provide a number of varied opportunities for the player to practice aim completely free of charge.

The training carried out on deathmatch servers can also be a positive factor in aiming. On CS:GO Deathmatch servers, you can face real opponents, so you can assume that their movement and decisions will be more unpredictable. What is more, gameplay on DM usually takes place on tournament maps, so it is easier to get around some of the locations, which will also translate into improved skill in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

The key to effective training is also regularity. If a CS:GO player conducts an aim training only once a week and devotes only a quarter of an hour to it, there will be a long wait for results. It will be possible to achieve the expected outcome faster with more frequent visits to custom maps for aim training.

Train with GGPredict

GGPredict is a platform that was created and designed to help CS:GO players improve their skill. It offers complete features in many areas, so that training can be done quickly and conveniently.

The GGPredict training platform offers personalized training plans. The AI coach provides players with dedicated plans, which are prepared based on the progress a player has made. Team role, ambition and skillset are also taken into account.

There are also tailor-made maps, where CS:GO players can practice particular skills. The arenas are designed to make the training carried out on them as effective as possible.


Thanks to GGPredict, players can easily track their progress. The platform generates reports that present analysis of individual areas on an up-to-date basis. The data is presented in an accessible way, so it will allow everyone to draw conclusions, thanks to which they will know perfectly well what they should focus on in the future.

GGPredict is the platform of the future, which is available to all CS:GO players right now. It allows one to quickly locate areas to focus on to improve training.

Get to know CS:GO well

CS:GO is quite a complex game, so knowledge of all elements of this FPS is very necessary.

One of the key ones is economics. Players who would like to play at a higher level need to know how to make money in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. When to play eco, and when to force? These are the absolute basics, thanks to which a player will probably not profit immediately, over the space of one or two rounds, but in the perspective of the whole match, knowledge of how the CS:GO economy works can significantly help.

Knowledge of maps is another thing that can improve a player's performance. Familiarity with a number of different positions in each tournament arena will allow you to achieve an advantage over your rivals at key moments. Knowing both the less popular and common positions to aim at when expecting a rival can be extremely important.

CS:GO is an ever-living, ever-changing game. The statement that the FPS from Valve is constantly changing is not exaggerated at all. The developers quite regularly release new updates that improve certain elements. Sometimes a CS:GO update fixes just one thing on the map, other times the updates are more wide-ranging and concern, for example, a complete overhaul of a particular location or change the strength of a particular weapon. It's worth being aware of this!

Analyze your own and others' demos

We have already mentioned the game analysis that GGPredict can do, but that is not all. It is also a good idea to record demos of the matches you participate in, so that you can then watch the replay and catch the mistakes you made. Doing this kind of analysis on the fly during a match is very difficult, so we recommend re-watching your own plays after the match is over.

To become better, you need to learn from the best - these are rather worn out words, but still true. Getting to a higher skill level in CS:GO can be made possible by watching replays of matches of professional players. In-depth analysis of their plays and behavior on each map should help you catch and eliminate your own mistakes.

Want to know more about watching demo? Here's our guide.

Do not forget of grenades

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is not just about the M4A4, AK47, AWP or Deagle. It should be remembered that in the Valve's FPS, in addition to the firearms, there are also grenades available after all.

Smoke, flash, nade and molotov - these four grenades in CS:GO are very important. The proper use of each of them can change the fate of any round. To do this, practice throwing them on dedicated maps or a private server using helpful commands, as we wrote about in a separate article.

Get to know more about effective CS:GO grenades training.

Have an eye on the radar

Radar is a frequently neglected element of CS:GO. It seems to be an obvious matter, yet players unfortunately tend to forget to pay close attention to it. However, the radar can significantly help to get an idea of the current situation on the whole map.

Find the best CS:GO Radar Settings with our guide.

Communication is the key to success in any team game

One should never forget that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a team game. For this reason, in almost every situation, player need to keep track of what is going on with teammates. For this purpose, it is best to use the voice communicator built into CS:GO or an external one (Discord, TeamSpeak or other).

The messages a player directs to their companions should be short, to the point and as clear as possible. It's a good idea to inform the team if one spots a rival, or at least hears one. Spotting a flash, smoke or sharing information about the equipment that rivals have can also be helpful. It is also important to remember to communicate messages as quickly as possible, because in CS:GO, every single millisecond counts!

It is impossible to say which of the aforementioned elements is the most important. After all, skill is the combination of not only the components mentioned above, but also many others that we have not mentioned. In fact, it is nearly impossible to cover all the threads. Based on the guide we have prepared, you can help yourself achieve better results in CS:GO both individually and as a team. Who knows, maybe thanks to these tips you will someday get a chance to play in the professional CS:GO esports scene?


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