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Best binds in Counter-Strike 2

Best binds in Counter-Strike 2

24.11.2023, 18:50

You have probably already switched from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to Counter-Strike 2 for good. This switch has brought with it a lot of changes when it comes to bindings and commands. This is the perfect time to check out what the new options are and what you need to update in your CS2 config.

What are binds in Counter-Strike 2?

Foremost, let's focus on explaining what exactly binds are, as some players may not be familiar with them. Binds allow players to use necessary commands without having to open a developer console. They simply provide a way to quickly perform a specific action using a selected key.

Best binds in CS2

Now, let's answer the most important question of this article: what are the best and most useful binds in Counter-Strike 2? Below is a complete list of the binds that we think CS2 players will find most useful, along with a brief explanation of how they work.

Mute voice chat bind

Every Counter-Strike 2 player has had a situation where their teammates have been too annoying when using the in-game voice chat. It also happens that we have that one guy in the team who is always giving tips while we are clutching. This bind allows you to quickly mute all your teammates with a single button press.

  • bind o "toggle voice_modenable 1 0"

Zoom radar bind

Can zooming in on the radar be useful while playing Counter-Strike 2? It certainly can. Imagine retaking the B site on Mirage. There are multiple positions from which the enemy is shooting, and with the default radar it is highly ineffective to say exactly where they are. That is where the zoom radar comes in.

  • bind o "incrementvar cl_radar_scale 0 1 0.25"

Jump throw bind

This is one of the most popular binds in the history of Counter-Strike, and can still be used in CS2. It comes in handy when you need to line up your grenade perfectly with your jump.

This bind consists of two commands that must be connected with two separate keys:

  • alias "+jt" "+jump;" ; alias "+ta" "-attack; -attack2"; alias "-jt" "-jump";
  • bind ALT "+jt;+ta;"

In order to use it in Counter-Strike 2, it is recommended to add it to your autoexec file. When using during a match, remember to hold attack first, and then press Alt.

Noclip bind

If you spend a lot of time on private CS2 servers testing different things, you will love this bind. The noclip bind allows you to fly around a map as long as the server allows you to use the sv_chets 1 command.

  • bind o "sv_cheats 1; noclip"

Mousewheel jump bind

So far, you have probably been using the space bar to jump in Coutner-Strike 2. In this case, it is highly recommended that you try a different approach. Using this shortcut will allow you to jump whenever you scroll up or down, while also making bunny hopping more comfortable.

  • bind mwheelup +jump;bind mwheeldown +jump;bind space +jump

Grenade binds

However, when you switch from space bar jumping to mouse wheel jumping, there is another bind that you may find useful. This grenade bind allows you to quickly use different grenades without having to scroll or press the grenade button repeatedly.

This bind lets you use a flash grenade with Z, a smoke grenade with X, an HE grenade with C and a molotov or incendiary grenade with V.

  • bind z "slot7";bind x "slot8";bind c "slot6";bind v "slot10"

Crouch jump bind

The Crouch Jump bind makes it easier to reach different locations on Counter-Strike 2 maps that you cannot reach with the standard jump.

  • alias "+hjump" "+jump; +duck"; alias "-hjump" "-jump; -duck"; bind f "+hjump"

To make sure that all of these binds work properly every time you play Counter-Strike 2, you should put them directly into your config file. You can also use them by pasting them into the in-game developer console. Remember that you can use a different key to activate almost any bind.

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