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The Benchmarks. Product Update, part 1.

The Benchmarks. Product Update, part 1.

11.10.2021, 14:49

Before reading:
A long-awaited update has appeared on our platform, which brought us a lot of new features. In order to explain them as well as possible we decided to tell you about it in a sequence of articles that will land on our website over the next few days. We don't want to spam you, we just want to be clear - we hope you understand!

One of the most important things kuben always talks about is having the right focus and mindset when playing. The idea is that you sit down to a match with as little distraction as possible. For example, looking at your phone between each round is a really bad habit. Well, this is a topic for another article, as there is a lot to be said about the right focus.


Following this line of reasoning, we wanted to create something that would be a light and pleasant warm-up before the main warm-up we usually suggest to our users - mainly deathmatches.

Benchmarks are simply short mini-games that test your reflexes, accuracy and motor skills.

You can use them under this link. We think it's a fun, casual form of warm-up that will help you wind down and approach the actual warm-up exercises or match in the right mood. What kind of mini games you can find inside?


Play "Flicks" to work on your accuracy and reaction times. It will improve your one-tap kill potential in CS:GO matches.



Play "Tracking" and improve your mouse control and smoothen your movement, so in regular CS:GO matches you’ll hit moving targets easier.


Moving Target

In this exercise you will try to hit as many moving targets as you can, so the next time you playing your matchmaking - hitting a perfect HS while your enemy is running or jumping, won't be a problem for you. Try to smoothly follow the the target as in tracking and then just pull the trigger.



In this game we are testing your reaction time and how fast are you able to pull the trigger, or literally speaking - click the mouse button;)


And why is it called a benchmark? Because we'd like to introduce charts in the coming weeks where you can compare yourself to CS:GO players of your rank. This will help you see how you stack up against other players. We are currently collecting data from these games, so expect those charts soon!

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