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A whole new way of training.

A whole new way of training.

27.01.2022, 10:49

Check how our platform has changed to support you in your CS:GO progress.

You may notice that GGPredict has radically changed today.

That's because our most important mission is to create a CS:GO training environment that will help you achieve your goals, no matter how ambitious they are, in the most effective and best way possible.

The most important feature of GGPredict is an all in one place training environment that consists of:

  • an in-depth analysis of your game and your needs.
  • Training Plans, generated by our AI which are arranged according to your goals and the role on which you play.
  • Training units created by professional coaches and players
  • Maps and training servers where you can train directly.

You don’t need any other tools to make progress - this is a full ecosystem, from analytics to training servers.

For the last six months we have been measuring the effectiveness of the training and the most active players have been improving several times in particular skills and have been promoted to new ranks much faster than the rest of the users.

The biggest advantage of our training plans is not only that they make a difference, but most of all that they are simple and you can treat them as a structured warm-up for your matches - on average the workouts last between 20 and 30 minutes and you can train most of them with your friends!

We noticed during this time, that the key to progress is consistency - it’s crucial to be consistent in training, so in order to try out the full potential of GGPredict, which will help you become a better player, we would like you to

  • offer you a brand new trial, which is currently up for renewal.
  • Your trial will only expire when you have used up your training units and are ready to train with us permanently.

Don't wait any longer - check out our new maps, servers and training plans now.

Ps. If you are using us because you like our analysis and statistics - nothing’s lost, you will find it all still on our platform.

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