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your CS:GO game with our A.I.


customized Pro Training Plans.


on our “all-in-one” platform.


your performance by an average of 13% per month.

K/D Ratiomap win ratio


Connect any platform

Gather all matchmaking platforms in one place

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Setup your training

Personalized for you, based on the aspects that need improvement.

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Play CS:GO

Train even when you're just having fun!

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Become PRO!

Let GGPredict help you reach your full potential!

We want to provide every player with the kind of training and analysis that I received during my 15 year career with the biggest teams in the world. Join us and train with me.

Jakub "kuben" Gurczyński

Head Coach of Mad Lions

Personalized Training Plans.
Train like a PRO!

Each week our AI delivers a new training plan based on your progress.

Your team role, ambitions and skillset are all considered in preparation of your training plan. Develop all aspects of your game with GGPredict.

Start training

Prefire challenge

Enter the bombsite, but be sure to check every angle! Learn where your enemies tend to stay and control your crosshair placement to be ready when the right moment comes during the match.


Movement training

We've combined the most popular jumps on each map into one universal path to practice. Have the best lines planned ahead!

Let's Go!

Aim Course

Complete a special map with enemies appearing where you least expect them!


Find your team role

Become the best athlete on your team with our profiled workouts.

Shoot better

Analyse how you handle each weapon and get suggestions on how to shoot even better.

9 main game aspects

The first step to improve is to understand the game.

Analyze your matches in 250 metrics

We analyze your game exactly the same way we do with pro teams.

Our partners

We work with the best teams, coaches, players and tournaments to craft the best Counter-Strike training environment.

Get started

Take the first step toward becoming a Global Elite Master! Sign up, get tailored training plans and train consistently to become a Champion. Start your trial today!

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